- To Provide reliable long term service and improve the quality of life of all our customers.

- To Secure the best environment, lifestyle and career development to our personnel.


- To be a pioneer partner to all our clients by providing innovative solutions that are customized to their needs and requirements.


- Capitalize on our accumulated experiences to set the highest standards in food services, facilities management and retail services with an aim to be the market leader in our business area.

- Build a world class corporation managed by a highly qualified multinational team of professionals who implement “best in class” business models for private sector companies.

- Build and grow multi-function subsidiaries through innovation and creation of new business models.

- Optimize our strategic position in the market and maximize our growth to compliment the UAE’s and the region’s economic development.

- Develop an optimal financial status through organic growth and cost effectiveness while maintaining a consistent quality of service.

- Be a pioneer in setting a sustainable human development process in all related business aspects.

Our Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Food Safety Policy

The Management of National Catering Company Limited W.L.L firmly believes in providing all customers, employees, other interested parties and anyone who may be affected by its activities with safe and high-quality food, services and products. NCC is therefore; committed to comply with the applicable legal, OSHAD SF latest version & ADAFSA (SRA) regulations, ethical, professional and other requirements related to its scope of catering facility management and food retail business to achieve its goals of delivering high quality products and services to customers, customer satisfaction, zero food poisonings, zero accidents, zero equipment damage, enhancement of health and wellbeing of its employees and zero environmental incidents or pollutions and acknowledges that continual improvement of its performance and sustainability is a key objective. However, it recognizes that despite its best efforts, some injuries and illnesses may occur.


The company also recognizes the importance of consultation, communication and participation for effective management. As such it will address the concerns of all relevant interested parties within the management system and local legislation, whilst also providing resources and encouraging individual employee responsibility for quality, food safety, occupational health and environment control.


NCC acknowledges that successful implementation of this policy requires planning, resources, allocating roles and responsibilities, communication, implementation, monitoring, review, continual improvement and full commitment from all levels of management and employees, and requires that:


  -The employees are provided with information, instruction, training, safe workplace and supervision to enable them to carry out their tasks competently, safely and considering the environmental aspects.

  -The visitors or members of the public are safeguarded from hazardous operations.

  -The employees accept responsibility for ensuring that when performing tasks, they do so in a hygienic manner so that the quality, safety and wholesomeness of the food they process is not put at risk.

  -NCC recognizes that the prevention of food poisoning and the promotion of the excellence in food service brings tangible benefits to our work force, clients and stakeholders and contributes to quality and good business performance.

  -The company will measure its performance in relation to quality, food safety, occupational health and environment control by audit, objective target achievements and investigation of incidences of ill health or injury.

  -NCC is committed to identify and manage OSH risks, environmental impacts and food hazards; wherever possible those are eliminated or minimized to ALARP, where this is not possible those shall be controlled to a sustainable limit premised by local legislation.

  -The raw materials, articles and wastes are correctly handled, used and stored to avoid damage to the health of employees or environment. Designing products in such a way to minimize their environmental impacts in production, use and disposal. Making efficient use of energy and resources to minimize depletion of natural resources and production of landfill waste whilst maximizing re-use and recycling.

  -SMART KPIs and targets for sustainability are established; that will enable monitoring, reporting and continuous improvement and ensuring that sustainability is central to the future development of the company, in particular capital projects, seeking wherever possible solutions that allows both environmental and operational considerations to be optimised.


It is the responsibility of each Division’s Heads / COOs to bring this policy statement to the attention of all departments’ employees. This policy will be subject to continuous review and revision on yearly bases particularly when changes to legislation or technical knowledge occur. This revision will be done by the senior management team, who take prime responsibility for allocating sufficient resources to ensure its aspirations are achieved.


Authorized By

Mr. Tarek El Goweiny

Chief Executive Officer