- To Provide reliable long term service and improve the quality of life of all our customers.

- To Secure the best environment, lifestyle and career development to our personnel.


- To be a pioneer partner to all our clients by providing innovative solutions that are customized to their needs and requirements.


- Capitalize on our accumulated experiences to set the highest standards in food services, facilities management and retail services with an aim to be the market leader in our business area.

- Build a world class corporation managed by a highly qualified multinational team of professionals who implement “best in class” business models for private sector companies.

- Build and grow multi-function subsidiaries through innovation and creation of new business models.

- Optimize our strategic position in the market and maximize our growth to compliment the UAE’s and the region’s economic development.

- Develop an optimal financial status through organic growth and cost effectiveness while maintaining a consistent quality of service.

- Be a pioneer in setting a sustainable human development process in all related business aspects.