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COVID-19 vaccination is a safer way to help build protection.
  2/2/2021 12:00:00 AM
We and our staff chose to protect ourselves and Vaccinate!
Here are a few shots from the procedures that were taken at our head office in KIZAD.

Fresh Plane't is NCC's Latest Subsidary!

  8/13/2020 12:00:00 AM

A wholesaler that provides all the fresh Fruits & Vegetables on Souq Planet's shelves.

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The Opening of AMAN Integrated Solutions Lab

  8/12/2020 12:00:00 AM

The comprehensive Lab by AMAN Integrated Solutions L.L.C for Physical, Environmental, Chemical & Biological Tests in Abu Dhabi, has been officially inaugurated in KIZAD by his excellency Dr. Thani Bin Ahmed Al-Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment. It is the first laboratory complex to provide a full suite of quality, conformity, and HSE testing services for industrial sectors under one roof.

Minister of Climate Change and Environment said that the Opening of AMAN Integrated Solutions L.L.C Laboratories in KIZAD contributes to enhancing consumer confidence locally and internationally in the quality and safety of products manufactured in the UAE. 

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Where to find the best plant-based grub in the capital

  8/19/2019 12:00:00 AM

Souq Planet
This health-conscious supermarket at Etihad Plaza has an amazing range of frozen vegan products. There’s vegan sausages, chicken strips, veggie balls and of course, every vegan’s favourite patty, the Beyond burger, which is perfect if you fancy staying in and trying to come up with better topping combinations than the big restaurants. Or if you’re craving a sweet treat, there’s vegan-friendly chocolate bars, ice creams, peanut butter cups, and even croissants.
Open daily 6am-midnight. Various locations, including Etihad Plaza, Khalifa City A (02 556 3142).

Your Urban Market
Offering an experience that’s very different to that of the usual supermarkets here, doing the food shop is so much more fun when it’s at Your Urban Market (or YUM, if you want to be down with the kids). There are two locations in Al Bateen Marina and the Khalifa Park area, and it’s full of trendy and hipster-approved grocery brands (including the homegrown Moni’s Healthy Choice products), healthy lunch options and an amazing selection of fresh juices. We could spend hours in here.
Various locations, including Al Bandar Marina, Al Bandar (050 411 8757)

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Scam Notice

  11/22/2018 12:00:00 AM

It has come to our notice that unauthorized individuals or organizations are falsely using the NCC Group names in an attempt to fraudulently secure unlawful gain on behalf of NCC Group.


How to Detect Scams

  • We do not communicate through generic email addresses such as Hotmail, Yahoo.
  • All of our communications originates from the domain of
  • Fraudsters usually ask targets to respond quickly or risk missing out, request targets to keep business proposals, wining, etc. confidential and communicate only via email and telephone with a reluctance or a refusal to meet in person.


You can contact us through our email or check our contact page.

Grako, Gecko & NCC: A strategic partnership to fast-track growth

  11/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

UAE-based Grako - a specialised facility management (FM) company known for its high-level access cleaning and maintenance services, which includes serving massive projects like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Airports for many years - along with its sister company, Gecko Middle East - specialising in industrial rope access and coating solutions - has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with one of UAE’s largest conglomerates, the National Catering Company (NCC Group). Clean Middle East uncovers the details of this partnership while also seeking to understand how this partnership will impact the market.

Growth track 

Since its establishment in 2004, Grako has received multiple FM industry awards for its utmost commitment to safety, high-quality workmanship and client satisfaction rating. Today, the company is considered as the region’s foremost when it comes to high-level rope-access cleaning, maintenance, and safety practices. This has made Grako a distinguished service provider for the UAE’s top master development and asset management companies in the properties, hospitality, entertainment, retail and public sectors.

Gecko, the sister company of Grako, has been operational since 2003 and is globally known to be one of the very first pioneers in industrial rope access in the region. The company has expanded its expertise tremendously ever since. Today, Gecko offers a highly specialised range of capabilities, on and off ropes, across numerous industries helping clients gain immediate access to inspect, maintain, repair and protect their multi million-dollar assets.

Alain El Tawil, Founder and CEO of Grako and Gecko, avers, “Our firm promise – quality first and foremost – has steered our lead for the last 15 years in this competitive business, allowing us to deliver unmatched results to our customers every day without fail. As a result, over the years, we have achieved many distinctions, and our growth has been exponential year after year. Our vision for growth has no limits, and we are very proud to join forces with such a reputable Emirati organisation. Along with NCC, we look forward to exploring the new prospects this strategic partnership will create for both Grako and Gecko.”

The National Investor PrJSC (TNI) acted as the financial advisor and lead manager to NCC on the transaction, which is aimed at unleashing the growth potential that the newly formed partners can capitalise on, given the national investments and growth expected in select sectors like FM, oil and gas and maritime industries. His Excellency Abubaker Seddiq Al Khoori, Chairman, TNI, adds, “This dynamic partnership, whereby NCC acquired majority shares in both Grako and Gecko, will add new momentum to business growth for all parties immediately and in the long run.”

Reaching new heights

Both Grako and Gecko will continue to operate independently, led by Alain El Tawil, who is keen on expanding his Abu Dhabi operations further by leveraging NCC’s well-established client base and especially reaching the oil and gas and maritime industries.

Al Khoori informs, “We have been studying all viewpoints of this transaction for about 10 months. Finalising this partnership, we believe that we have placed NCC, Grako and Gecko in a wider window of opportunities for the next 10 years, especially with the recent growth outlook across the FM and industrial sectors. In the UAE, this partnership is expected to be even more promising.”

Furthermore, NCC, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is one of the largest support services conglomerates in the UAE, specialising in industrial and corporate catering, facilities management, engineering, retail and F&B. This alliance supplements NCC’s robust portfolio of services even further, to cater to Abu Dhabi’s marketplace dynamics and challenges, by joining forces with Grako and Gecko, especially in light of tighter health, safety and environmental regulations and the growing demand for specialised FM and industrial services.

Abdullah Mazrui, Chairman of NCC, shares, "Both Grako and Gecko have deep knowledge and expertise in their respective fields, which should prove to be extremely valuable for our current and future customers. This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and reflects NCC’s commitment towards driving growth in our focus sectors by partnering with leading players with high growth potential. We consider Grako and Gecko to be the most suitable partners for NCC to accelerate our growth ambitions in both the FM industry and our support services business targeting industrial sectors. The partnership with Gecko will add to our range of services in the oil and gas sector in Abu Dhabi, while the Grako partnership will strengthen our foothold in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. We expect significant cross selling initiatives between the businesses, but beyond this, we have started looking at strategic initiatives in Dubai, to leverage the group’s buying power.”

“We are in the process of integrating both Grako and Gecko into the NCC Group so they can benefit from our scale, processes, governance, which are expected to generate significant synergies. In the short term, there are great opportunities in Dubai as the Expo 2020 draws near, and we fully intend to capitalise on them. In the long term, Grako and Gecko will become the focal point of NCC’s facilities management platform,” Mazrui concludes.

On the occasion of the recent partnership deal Alain El Tawil (AE), Founder and CEO of Grako and Gecko, along with Tarek El Goweiny (TG), CEO, NCC, talk to Rashmi Karanjekar about the processes, challenges and new avenues while undergoing the partnership deal…

Why this partnership?

AE: I started my journey 15 years ago with just three people, and today we are a 500 man-strong organisation. When we were approached by NCC - which is considered one of the largest UAE-based conglomerates - we were proud of our success. Similarly, we were equally impressed by NCC’s management profiles, their market reach and most of all, their inspiring story which resembles ours. The process of this partnership agreement has been very smooth throughout the past 10 months, especially given that Grako, Gecko and NCC have many synergies and parallels that paved a perfect platform for partnership and growth potential in a market that is in favour of consolidation.

Besides NCC’s prominent presence in Abu Dhabi and the rich experience of their management team, we found that their vision complements ours. With our ambition to grow Grako’s business in Abu Dhabi and our immediate goal of growing Gecko’s operations in the oil and gas and off-shore sectors; it became clear that it is a perfect alliance.

What are the market demands that made it happen?

AE: All market indicators are in favour of high growth potential for Grako and Gecko. We already feel the positive impact as the oil and gas sector began picking up in early 2018. Meanwhile, the FM industry will witness massive growth attributed to increase in tourism and construction contracts estimated at $629bn in the UAE alone; most of which are expected to be completed by 2021, this includes the on-going preparations for Expo 2020.

What are the new opportunities you foresee after this partnership?

AE: NCC is a huge company that is 5,000 people strong with a robust presence in Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas sectors, besides their on-going focus on regional expansion. Partnering with them will definitely take us to the next level. As NCC has already established years of commendable reputation for quality with its customers, the moment they open up opportunities with their existing client base for Grako and Gecko, their word of recommendation will be highly valued and considered. And we are keen on presenting NCC at that same level of professionalism and quality their customers expect from them.

As for Grako’s opportunities in Dubai, we will continue to do what we do best, develop new business and deliver the most rigorous rope access cleaning and maintenance operation to our valued customers, all the same.

What is your vision towards the new joint venture?

TG: When it comes to acquisitions, it's like getting in to a marriage, and it's quite crucial that there are a few things similar in the two companies involved viz. their vision of the future should be unified, an equal dedication towards a common goal, and most importantly complementing each other where necessary. With Grako and Gecko on boarding the NCC group, operating independently, we have already established our common goals of growth for the next three years; we have also found the similarities in the dedication and drive that made such a partnership possible in the first place.

As for complementing each other’s offering, while Grako is a Dubai-based company, and we're in Abu Dhabi, both the companies can synchronize well together and offer better value. NCC group of companies is about food, life support and other services, but when we talk about segmentation, we're almost in the same segments, so cross selling was another obvious advantage moving forward.

Tell us about TNI’s role in this partnership?

TG: TNI is playing a dual role - firstly it is the financial advisory for NCC in this acquisition, and it is also a shareholder and a leader of a consortium of other shareholders within NCC. We have had a very positive experience working with TNI ever since its consortium of shareholders acquired 50 per cent of NCC.

What were the challenges involved in making this partnership possible?

AE: It was a process that took about 10 to 12 months; NCC and TNI were very thorough with due diligence, and they were happy with our audit statements. There weren’t any major challenges apart from the negotiations, which is a normal process, but both NCC and we were looking for a win-win situation so we came to a very fair evaluation based on the market standard. However, it's the relationship and attitude we share that made this happen. I'll be honest, there have been a few companies that approached us in the past two years, and it was not the money or how big they were. Being partners for us means how we can work together and what we can achieve together. We are striving to do more, offer better services and grow, and we found the same mindset with NCC’s board and management team.

How will the acquisition impact Grako’s business in the region?

AE: We are putting a new strategy and plan together for 2019, which will be reviewed by the board chaired by Mr. Tarek before we start executing it. In general terms, our focus will be the oil and gas market and to become one of the largest rope access specialists in the world following this collaboration with NCC. Both Grako and NCC are UAE-based companies and it's great to see them expanding internationally into new markets like Egypt.

TG: Expansion was always on the agenda, which led us to opening a branch in Kuwait; we have a license in Egypt and have signed an MoU with people who are managing the project there for us; we have a sister company in Oman so we're present in the region. However, we're focusing more now on developing within the Dubai and Abu Dhabi because these are still two of the healthiest markets in the region. Also, the new partnership with Grako and Gecko will allow us to add new FM and industrial services that will provide value to our customers so the expansion is not limited to geography, but it also represents the additions in the range of service we can now offer immediately.

How will the partnership deal will be viewed amongst competitors?

AE: We believe the competition will be looking at us closely because of this partnership given NCC’s reputation and reach in Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas market. We have been working on this deal for almost a year, and we made sure to be ready and prepared to expand our operations to take on large projects as and when NCC facilitates new opportunities. Meanwhile, our aim is to keep doing what we do best with the best experienced specialists in our field and the highest certifications, and to maintain our spotless health and safety track record.


With the Expo 2020 making a buzz the world over, how do you foresee growth in cleaning and FM market?

AE: The Expo 2020 will have a huge infrastructure hence we foresee the project being awarded to multiple FM services providers given the scale of the project. We have collaborated with all the FM companies who are bidding for the full range of Expo 2020 FM services, and through them we have bid for all the high-level facade cleaning requirements. We are very positive that we will manage to play a role in serving the facility. Besides, we are aiming for long-term business relationships and continuity, so the focus is not just on the Expo, which will last for six months or the quarter prior to the event, but also on how we can take it forward after the Expo. Post the Expo, we believe that the massive multi-billion dollar infrastructure will still need professional services to keep it in pristine condition, and who better to do it then us.

Will there will be any strategic moves that both the companies will make to create a competitive edge?

TG: While both companies Grako and Gecko will remain independent, we foresee the potential of offering them centralised back-end support to help them stay competitive in a tough and price- sensitive market. We will take the time to study any opportunity where we can help Grako and Gecko achieve increased efficiencies or extending them any cost savings that we enjoy as a large organisation. We believe acquiring companies is not about being powerful or in control; it is more about investing in continuous growth and leading on their success story.

What are the challenges and opportunities you foresee in the next few years?

AE: The first and foremost opportunity will be penetrating new segments locally and the second is geographical expansion - each of these growth opportunities will have their own set of challenges that we are ready to overcome alongside NCC. Meanwhile, the current market is becoming more price oriented, and there are budget constraints, which is a common scenario in every industry. During such circumstances we, perceive this market situation as an opportunity to innovate and do what we did in 2008 when the market sentiments were low. We analysed each project in detail to ensure we provide an accurate cost effective solution without resorting to over-scoping which most companies tend to do – either over-estimate or under-estimate a project scope. We focused on providing accurate solutions considering the budget and we paid particular attention to increasing our productivity to deliver projects sooner which allowed us to extend any saving back to our clients.

NCC acquires majority stake in Grako and Gecko

  10/2/2018 12:00:00 AM

National Catering Company (NCC) acquired a majority stake in facilities management firms Gecko and Grako and plans to expand to Egypt, a top executive said on Tuesday.

“The acquisition of Gecko will add to our range of services in the oil and gas sector in Abu Dhabi, while the Grako acquisition will strengthen our foothold in Dubai and the Northern Emirates,” said Abdullah Mazroui, chairman of NCC during a press conference in Abu Dhabi.

He said there are great opportunities in Dubai as the 2020 expo draws near and they plan to fully capitalise on the opportunities with the acquisition.

National Catering Company, operating since 1995 in Abu Dhabi specialises in industrial and corporate catering, facilities management, retail and food and beverage sector.

Grako, on the other hand specialises in internal and external cleaning and maintenance with operations across the UAE.

Gecko, a sister company of Grako deals with industrial rope access and coating solutions.

Speaking on the acquisition, Mazroui said Grako is a healthy company with a very impressive track record.

“There are many companies both on catering, FM [facilities management] side but going through difficulty with either receivables or delivering contracts.”

Mazroui also said they are planning to expand in Egypt and will open an office in the first quarter of 2019. The company, which had IPO plans postponed for the moment due to market conditions, he added.

Alain Al Tawil, founder and CEO of Grako and Gecko said FM industry will witness massive growth due to increase in construction and tourism contracts estimated at $629 billion [ Dh2.3tr] in the UAE alone, most of which are expected to be completed by 2021.

“While the market is becoming more and more price sensitive, the FM sector has ample opportunity for the coming year.”

The National Investor acted as the financial advisor and lead manager to NCC on the transaction.


  5/2/2017 12:00:00 AM

Trusting that the Lebanon International Oil and Gas Summit (LIOG 2017) will consolidate a position as a leading event in the oil and gas sector in Lebanon, The National Catering Company (NCC) keenly took part in the LIOG’s third summit held Hilton Beirut Grand Habtoor on the 9th and 10th of May 2017. NCC’s management participated in a strong and effective way by keeping abreast of all the latest developments and technology in the oil and gas sector, allowing them to have a distinguished presence where they proudly registered themselves as a forum to exchange ideas and a medium to establish relationships between local and international companies.

The third edition of LIOG summit has been held under the patronage of HE Eng. Cesar Abi Khalil’s Minister of Energy and Water and the collaboration of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration.

The Summit has proved to be a true platform, not only for the exchange of ideas and the establishment of relations between companies but also a platform for meeting experts, decision makers and senior officials from the public and private sectors in Lebanon. It has as well allowed itself to be an opportunity to stabilize future steps and challenges for companies and investors.

The third Oil and Gas summit came to a highly successful close, whereby it welcomed many delegates and participating companies from various countries, featured high caliber presentations and business activities, included interactive sessions and rich discussions, and allowed wide-spread networking opportunities.

Abu Dhabi’s Souq Planet describes itself as the first "digital supermarket" in the Middle East. It is pioneering a self-scanning system where registered customers use a smartphone or store device to scan bar codes as they shop.

  4/4/2017 12:00:00 AM

Abu Dhabi’s Souq Planet describes itself as the first "digital supermarket" in the Middle East. It is pioneering a self-scanning system where registered customers use a smartphone or store device to scan bar codes as they shop.

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A New Souq Planet Branch To Open in Ras Al Khaimah

  9/6/2016 12:00:00 AM

Souq Planet, the first Digital Supermarket in Middle East, is soon to be opened in Ras Al Khaimah . The supermarket will spread over an area of 3000 square meters and will be located near the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
This step comes as part of the National Catering Company’s expansion strategy and vision to cater to a wider customer base through Souq Planet supermarkets while relying on its long history, personalized service and the real gourmet shopping experience it is known for. Souq Planet Ras Al Khaimah, soon to be opened, promises to maintain a standard of excellence by providing an unmatched array of the best quality products in the UAE together with the best promotions and offers.

The National Catering Company (NCC) Group of Companies will invest approximately Dh50 million to set up its new central production unit, laboratories and warehousing logistics hub, including a new headquarter in a 25,000-square meter plot of land in the Khalifa Industrial Zone (Kizad), under a Musataha agreement signed with Abu Dhabi Ports. 

  1/2/2016 12:00:00 AM

A musataha structure allows a land owner to retain the long term ownership of its land. A musataha is a real property right (right in rem) which allows a party the right to use and exploit (which includes development) land belonging to another party for a period of up to 50 years, renewable once by mutual consent (or as agreed contractually) for a further period of up to 50 years. The new plant will allow NCC to further expand on its food processing business and its catering service provisions offered to government and private organizations predominantly within the local market, ranging from oil and gas companies to labor cities, as well as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors.

The National Investor (TNI) has led a consortium of Abu Dhabi-based investors in the acquisition of a 50 per cent equity stake in National Catering Company (NCC), a private industrial catering and facility management businesses in the UAE, it said in a press statement.

  1/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

The acquisition value was not disclosed by the companies.
NCC, which was established in 1990 and underwent a management buyout in 2000, operates in the fields of industrial catering and facilities management. 
The company operates supermarkets, cafés and diet management services under the brand names Souq Planet, Lavanda and Slim’n  Lite, respectively. It serves a wide range of customers in the oil & gas, construction, healthcare and government sectors, and is a market leader in most of its segments.
It has also expanded into Kuwait and more recently into Yemen.
NCC has grown its revenues more than nine-fold from 2006 to 2013, at a compounded annual growth rate of 36.2 per cent. The firm employs over 6,000 employees from 150 nationalities.
It currently claims over 40 contracts coupled with a back-log pipeline in excess of Dh1.1 billion.
“We expect the company to continue to capture market share in the expanding oil & gas onshore and offshore industrial catering market in Abu Dhabi, benefit from the continued increase in construction activity in the UAE, and replicate its successful business model across the GCC,” said Abdullah Mazrui, Chairman of TNI.
“From the beginning, our objective was to diversify our shareholder base and prepare the company for a potential listing over the medium term,” said Hany Abdel Noor, Managing Partner of NCC.
“We are using favorable market conditions to expand our operations geographically as well as to diversify our sector clientele. We are continuously striving to participate in the country’s growth areas such as the upcoming nuclear, railway and armed forces projects in line with the Abu Dhabi vision of 2030, in addition to expanding our presence in Dubai ahead of the Expo 2020,” said Tarek el Goweiny, Group CEO.
TNI and its partners have affirmed their support of NCC through the upcoming growth phase, which may include organic or inorganic growth opportunities to further develop the business.